How should I interpret his behavior?

I used to see a guy about 2 years ago until he moved out of the country for a job. We met again during a brief visit months later, and his coworkers told me that he talks about missing me a lot and often. However, the guy NEVER messaged me since he moved to the other country.
More time passed, I started dating again, but he didn't. I recently messaged him (again, he never messaged me all these months) and he said he's coming here soon and really wants to see me. His friend told me the same thing, and even added a "you know you guys will get married someday, right?" comment.
I saw him liking girls pictures online sometimes, he's always out at bars with friends and women (he's super social), and I even saw him take a date to a wedding... still, he seems to be single by choice. What are some opinions on what kind of person he is and what he really thinks about me?
How should I interpret his behavior?
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