(Guy) Advice/opinion please?

For well over a year now, I noticed this guy at my high school. He was tall, athletic, handsome, smart and just perfect. He's not the type that has another girlfriend every week. I started to notice him more and more everywhere I went. He did too obviously. He used to stare at me from across rooms and always make eyecontact.
I'm the type of girl thats shy but makes friends quickly and easily.
Our friendgroups know eachother and we all know eachother. Somehow, we've never had a conversation though. Everytime I would speak, hed let his friends answer.

However, his friends have been staring at me now too. This has been going on for over about 7 months now. Im not saying im the hottest chick in school but Im definetly ok-looking. The way they stare makes me uncomfortable. They dont speak, just stare. It makes me wonder if there's something hugely wrong with me or my appearance. Whats funny though is that on social media they're all very active on my accounts. Now he's graduated and i dont get to see him everyday. We do see eachother regularly outside of school. Again, all that happens is that his friends make obvious stares and glances over at me.

I really need to know whats up cause for some reason i REALLY like him ( to not use the word love). Its driving me crazy. All my friends say i should just go up to him and say hi but im not that confident. They think he likes me but im not that sure.

Id really appreciate a good and serious answer. If you need more specifics, just let me know and ill update the question !

Please let me know in poll if you think this all is a positive or negative sign :)
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(Guy) Advice/opinion please?
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