Scared he's losing interest?

I live 2 hrs away from the guy I'm seeing.
He has said that he doesn't want to get with other people & generally I go visit every week or two.
We have been seeing each other for maybe about 5 months but only distance for almost 2.

Lately he has been messaging me less, not replying to things more often but he will call pretty much every day. He used to message me when he was working but now he doesn't. I used to leave work to a few messages but now nothing.

When I go visit we have the best time. Then I know that he likes me & he knows that he likes me. But when I am away all these anxieties kick in.

I won't be be able to visit again until New Year's Day & I'm really worried that will be too long & I will lose his interest.

What do I do to combat these anxieties?
How do guys show their interest when they have gotten comfortable with a girl?
Is there any way I can communicate my anxieties without scaring him off?
Scared he's losing interest?
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