What were they doing?

I was in class and I had to sharpen my pencil, so I got up and went to the pencil sharpener. It was on a desk so being my tall self, I had to lean a little bit. I sharpened my pencil and when I turned around, the guys on that side of the class were just staring at me. Some were trying to hide it, some looked away, some looked away quickly to talk with the person next to them, and some looked at me one more time and looked away. I was so weirded out! I was wearing a pair of leggings with a long sleeve red shirt that went down to mid thigh and a light scarf. I have a decent butt, but it's not big so I didn't think it was that. My thighs are muscular, but that's about it. And I'm an average person in weight. I'm not skinny but I'm not fat or chubby.
I went to the bathroom to look at the mirror to see if someonthing was wrong, but I was completely fine. What were they looking at? Why were they all looking at me? Am I just being ridiculous. We're talking like 8-11 guys. I felt like something was wrong for the rest of the day.
What were they doing?
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