Does being rejected make men sexist?

I just started watching the new season of the Big Bang Theory, where after years of being a terrible boyfriend Sheldon gets dumped and as a result seems to think all women are bad.

Like saying 100 reasons why men are better than women or that men are the champagne of genders. Of course in a comdey show it's a joke, implying he is extremley unreasonable and whiny. But I see a lot of men here who geninley seem to believe that. That men are better than women, that women are worthless...

It's nothing to do with being bitter. Bitterness would be not dating anymore, it wouldn't be becoming a sexist asshole.
And if you think it does make them sexist, why? I haven't had much good luck in dating but I don't think men are somehow lesser beings. I mean overreacting much? And they say we're the emotional gender, pfff...
Does being rejected make men sexist?
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