Nice guy or too touchy?

Met this guy 4 nights ago at this small get together I went to with my friend. I didn't know anyone there but her. Immediately he told my friend how cute he thought I was and his friend was trying to get my opinion on him but I kind of evaded answering. Throughout the night I didn't talk to him that much, a few things here and there, and later on in the night he'd randomly compliment me saying I was cute, etc.. As we all drank more, I got to know the people there and ended up staying after my friend left. At one point a few of us went outside and were sitting on lawnchairs and he grabbed my hand. I was surprised and awkwardly held it for a minute or so then found an excuse to dip back inside. An hour or two later there were only three of us still awake talking at like 5 am, and he was sitting next to me at the table. I saw him look over at me a few times from the corner of my eye and as I slumped into my chair he pulled one of my legs onto his lap and rested his hands/lightly ran his fingers on my shins. But we still hadn't talked all that much. I went to go sleep on the couch (all night he kept saying he was sleeping there after i called it but I wasn't trying to hookup so i sprawled out lol). When I closed my eyes he put another blanket on me and touched my cheek then headed off to pass out elsewhere. I left before everyone woke up, and he briefly texted me 2 days later only asking if I knew this mutual friend, and if I was going out again, then he said he'd hit me up today but he never did. (PS apparently I'd met him before in August at his apt with mutual friends but I dont remember, and again 2 weeks ago but I was blackout then... sounds bad I know haha)

I don't think I'm into him, not my type, but I naively can't read his intentions. I don't know if he'd just been prepping me to try to hookup that night or he's into me. I've never had a guy be touchy feely on a first meeting in such an innocent way before.

Any opinions or similar experiences are welcome (:
Nice guy or too touchy?
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