True or False: It's EASIER for a guy to call a girl crazy than to admit that he lead her on?

Guys, have you ever labeled an ex as crazy because it was easier than admitting that you played her, lead her on or didn't wunna take responsibility for any part of the down fall of your relationship with her?

Ladies, you often hear guys saying how they have a crazy ex, but their the one's attracting them! Bad Boys in particular like to play mind games to the point that a perfectly sane woman is driven mad -- and then doesn't want to admit that he damaged her in such a way that she may or may not have acted out.

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BACK GROUND STORY: Recently I found out that my ex called me crazy and I'm a little taken back by that statement. No one has ever called me "crazy" before + it hurts my feelings! After all the stuff this guy put me through mentally, emotionally and physically, leading me on, using me, taking advantage of my generosity the end result is a break up with no closure and him labeling me as crazy. I really had to think twice about that statement because "CRAZY" does not describe me AT ALL, which is why it hurts my feelings! I feel like the only reason why he said that is because he doesn't wunna take responsibility for treating me poorly and being a douche bag! It's easier for him to act innocent once he got all he wanted out of me and then call me crazy when he tricked me into believing he was emotionally available and then when I am all ready to fall in love he's PURPOSELY turned off his emotions so he feels nothing for me. Does ANYBODY know where I'm coming from?
Yeah! It's easier for a guy to call a chick crazy than to admit he played her!
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Nah, if a guy calls you crazy it really does mean you're crazy!
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I know where you're coming from girl, you're NOT crazy!
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The fact that you give a sh*t makes you crazy!
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True or False: It's EASIER for a guy to call a girl crazy than to admit that he lead her on?
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