He disappeared mid-conversation... What's the deal?

So I met this guy on Tinder and he asked me out for a date. The first date went well and I was very attracted to him. I know he feels the same way because he texted me after the date telling me that he had a great time, and he also told me a few times that we could have dinner again soon.

The problem is, after telling me that we could get dinner soon, and after I replied to that saying "Yeah sure, I'll let you know when I'm free 😊" - he disappeared. Just didn't reply to my message. (I asked him something else before responding to his offer for dinner, but he didn't answer my question). What's with that?

I want to know:
1) If he texts me a few days later, what should I do? Should I continue as per normal? Or just ignore him?
2) If he doesn't text me back at all, should I still initiate the second date? After all I told him I'll let him know :/

Some additional notes:
- He's bad at texting
- We're both quite conservative and don't intend to hook up or sth
He disappeared mid-conversation... What's the deal?
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