Guys, Why did he hang up on me?

So I'll try to summarize without writing an entire essay.

[F, 26] I began a casual/friends with benefits relationship with a guy [M, 26] that I met on a dating app. We did this for two months and while I thought I was cool with it, I knew I had feelings for him. I'd ask him to call me more than once a week when he wanted to hook up and to take me out. He never did that, so last week I broke it off.

I told him that I had feelings and I wanted more than what he was giving me. He said he had feelings for me and cared about me but that he just wanted to keep it casual, and that he didn't want a relationship because he wanted to explore his options.

The next day he texts me asking to go to the movies, despite the fact that he's only ever taken me out ONE time while we were hanging out (partially because he's pretty poor and what little extra money he does have he spends on weed). I ignored his text figuring he was just trying to get me back in his bed. A few days later he called twice but I didn't pick up. I called him back later that night and explained why I didn't pick up, and that I didn't want to be a place holder while he finds whatever options he's looking for.

He flew off the handle at me, saying I'm being shady and fake and dissing him because I ignored him contacting me and I should have told him all that by answering his text. He said his intentions were just to hang out and he wasn't thinking about sex. And then as I was talking he hung up on me. I called back a few minutes later and he sent me to voicemail after 1.5 rings. I texted him saying Did you just hang up on me? and got no response.

Can you guys help me to understand what's happening here? Is it just a bruised ego situation? Why would he hang up on me?

And should I just leave it alone? I think there's no point in me attempting to contact him again, despite the fact that I'm pissed and feel highly disrespected by him hanging up on me.
Guys, Why did he hang up on me?
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