Still friends with benefits or Over?

Long story short, my coworker was chasing me big time and we finally decided to be friends with benefits. We made out a few times and then finally had sex once. He then freaked out because he has a girlfriend and I'm also in a committed relationship (no judgements, please, you don't know the whole story).

After that he cornered me a couple of times to talk about the situation and said that he still wants to make out, he just doesn't want to have sex. I agreed that was a good plan.

Since he told me last week that he still wants to make out with me he hasn't made a move at all. I see him several times a week at work. But he told me twice last week that he wanted to keep making out and then I asked him once last week and again he said yes. But he hasn't made a move since then. In fact, today he avoided me at work. I'm confused. He is even distant as a friend. Is this friends with benefits relationship over? He did text me once at work to say that he saw me from a distance and I guess you wouldn't do that if you're avoiding someone. But I don't understand why he said he still wants to kiss me and then acts like he doesn't. As much as I want the friends with benefits back, I really just want my friend back.
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Again, he has been avoiding me and distant since last week, when he said he wanted to still kiss me. I don't know where we stand. Is he going to try again or is this totally over?
Still friends with benefits or Over?
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