Is he just playing me or does he really like me?

Okay well I like a guy named Jeremy and he likes me. Okay he's asked me out before but I said no cause a few days before that he told me he didn't like me a few months later my boyfriend just broke up with me and he Said that him and his girlfriend have. Been over for a while. And we were talking and I really like him but my friends don't cause he's a player and he's a cheater. Oh and he hasn't asked me out yet and we were talking and he said ( cause we were gonna go to a dance on Friday) would you kiss me on Friday. And I said I don't know maybe. Oh I haven't had my first kiss yet but he has. And he said would you make out with me? and I said no. And a question later he asked me was how far would you go with me if we do go out? And I said like what do you mean and Jeremy said like kiss I Said make out I guess

Jeremy said any farther

me :no

Jeremy: really

me: yeah

is he just playing me or does he really like me?

Okay well I also wanted to inform you that he told me that I am nice beautiful and sweet and that he said he wants a superling relationship with me!

Help me!oh and one of my friends was texting him on Saturday and he asked her if she wanted to got out on a date and she said no. and she was trying to avoid him yesterday. and today before social studies we were standing outside the classroom and i..
.. and I heard him say "why don't you go and hang with your best friend crissa" then I just ignored their conversation.


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  • sounds like he wants in a good girls pants, I'm sorry hun, I always say go with the guy but he sounds like all he's out for is your zipper...

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