Am I socially retarded or what?

okay, so I was talking with a really good friend of mine and she said she used to really like me last year and really flirted with me all the time, while I never really wanted to date her, I thought she might like me but didn't realize it, anyway its not that I have feeling for her now, its just that at the time I didn't realize she was flirting with me and I'm wondering if its because I wasn't attracted to her, or if I'm just socially retarded and don't recognize certain cues, I mean I've never had a girlfriend or even a date and I'm 21, and I've always wondered if I have mild autism since my brother does (no doctor has ever said anything). Anyway am I stupid for not recognizing her attraction for me at the time, or was it just because I wasn't attracted to her?


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  • No your not stupid. Some guys can catch the clues girls give to them and then some of us aren't so lucky. This is something that may change over time for you. One thing I can say some times when we see a girl as a friend we don't put the clues together or just see them as anything more. and they just say friends.


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  • great question! are not socaially inapt. you are mearly inexperienced. if she was flirting she's at leat interested in the "lets go to dinner or the movies" kind of way. never be self doubting, you never come out on top.

    • Its just that it felt wierd, I mean I always thought she kind of liked me, but I'd go like "uggggh no way", and I thought about it, but I never realized it