Why do guys go to the bathroom so much?

I was wondering why when I go out with friends to club, some of the guys keep like going to the bathroom? is it because of the alcohol? they also keep touching down there, but kind of quick. what is it?

well the reason I ask is because my friends say it's because they probably have an erection and need to go to the bathroom to jack off or something. I was just wondering .


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  • Its more or less what the guys are saying. If you drink, especially beer you feel that you have to urinate a LOT more. Nothing strange. Its just that. Other than that if a guy goes to the bathroom in a club to jack off or something he needs to go see someone that can help him.haha

    • Ew guys jack off at the club so ...................................what is the word unsanitary! lolo

    • I've never noticed a guy jack off at a club. That would be like saying girls go to the bathroom in groups to have lesbian sex.

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  • It is most likely the alcohol, but also if they are getting condoms out of a vending machine, that could be too.

    The quick touching is called "adjustment" and you would do it too if you had testicles and were trying to move to a clubbing beat.

  • Why do women flock to the bathroom in groups when going to pee? They're just somethings in this world we'll never understand :(

  • Lol, if he had an erection you'd probably notice somehow . that's why sometimes you might hear someone say "pitching a tent" lol, because that's what his pants would look like.

    • Well I don't think I would notice since I don't actually stare at that area that frequent..... lol

    • I'll listen for that next time I'm in a club

    • Lol, na, like you might hear people laughing and if you ask why, they might say "Oh that guy is pitching a tent, lol." My friend said it before and it was really funny, it happened at a bar, lol.

  • Once you break the seal, you can't stop the flow.

    • What in the hell does that mean?

    • When you are drinking, you can not pee for a while. Once you take that first piss, it becomes hard to hold in your pee.

  • I think ur friends can't control themselves anymore

    it's either they'll have to sleep with you in real

    or they'll have to do it in their minds ----> THE BATHROOM


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