Should I be cautious of this guy trying to sweet talk me?

This guy (27) I met is supposed to be my older cousins (28) best friend. (Im 19) My cousin introduced him to everyone our aunts house. He seemed nice but then again he was drunk anyways. We've been messaging each other back and forth on social media and now through text. He's just being super nice and it's weird. Especially because he's my cousins friend and my cousin is a dick to his girlfriends sometimes. So I thought that would dictate who he would be. Also when he gave me his number and I text him my name so he's know who it was, he said "(insert name )?". It might just be his personality and I doubt my cousin knows he's contacting me. I will probably tell my cousin too. He's either trying to be nice to get in my pants or he's using me to know more about my family because he knows my cousin might not tell him that information ( that part is complicated to explain ). Something just feels off.


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  • I would definitely trust your instincts in this situation, but I thinking telling your cousin sooner rather than later is best. He knows this guy more than any other person you personally know and I'd assume he'd be a good cousin and give you good advice on this guys motives. Either way, if he's your cousins "best friend" but won't tell him whatever he wants to know and you have a off feeling about him I'd be wary.

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    • Yeah, thanks for the opinion. I think it was more friendly (or he was high or drunk or something). He hasn't text in almost a week. But if anything else comes up or seems odd, I'll just let my cousin know and stop contact with his friend.

    • I'm glad to hear you've got it figured out. You've got great instincts after all!

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  • You should trust your instincts.


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  • Always beware of sweet talkers. And if you feel something is not right, better trust your instincts. If u doubt your instincts, seek your close friend and ask for his/her opinion. It would be a bonus if u had a close guy friend since he can speak from a guy's point of view.


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