What does it mean when a guy has been asking my friends about me?

He is someone that I was intimate with only once. I have not seen or heard from him in six months, since that amazing night. Two weeks ago he sent my friend an email asking her if she knows anything about me. I do like him, a lot in fact, but I'm confused as to what I should do. Btw, he really is a nice guy.


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  • He probably had some regrets about that initial encounter and it's possible that his emotions are re-visiting him. Even though it's been an extended period of time, he may be as interested as you but is unsure as to what to do next. Keep the faith and give up the goods. What have you to lose? You've already been intimate and he's making the move toward you...


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  • Making sure you're not a felon, a nutcase, or a train wreck before he gets serious about you. I do the same thing, saves me a LOT of trouble.

  • I agree with Gabriel37, he might have wanted some more information about from people who know you better than he does. He probably either regretted something or wants to make sure that he does not do anything wrong in the near future.


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