Why can't people say what they mean, and mean what they say?

Why is everyone so full of shit? Why waste everyone time? Be real, be honest, what's so freaking hard about it? I'm so sick and tired of the games people play, I mean aren't we grown ups now? What is so so hard about just saying it like it is? I mean people act like they've never hurt anyone's feelings before and are afraid to do so, I think the longer you bullshit someone you hurt them more, anyone have any thoughts on this phenomenon?


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  • Yeah, there's some immature stuff, but honestly, saying what you mean and meaning what you say usually makes a lot more rude people in this world.

    Instead of "I just think it would work out." It'd be "oh good god, you're so ugly. I'd never want to be in the same room as you." And you know, I've had a lot of that "honesty." If that's honesty, then. I don't want it.

    You say "people act like they've never hurt anyone's feelings before and are afraid to do so." I disagree. My whole dating experience would say otherwise. I've been badly hurt because of "honesty" to the point of cruelty. These girls certainly weren't that concerned with how I would feel. It just was fun to attack the loser. I think it's a game. "Let's think of the nastiest way to say no."

    "Well, jeez, what are you complaining about? She's being honest, after all." Personally, I gotta say if it's being blunt and cruel, but "honest," I'd rather take the small fib, or "not the complete truth." If you lie, and I'm aware of it, but you were trying to be classy about it, I'll give you credit for at least being cool enough to handle it well.

    "I just don't think we'd be compatible" is a lot better than "I just don't think we'd be compatible because for one, you're what all us women call 'dry heave ugly.'"

    Sometimes being honest means still having tact. And a lot of people can't get that through their heads.

    I don't care much for fake people either. I've been destroyed by liars, as well as those who claim to be "honest" when they're just nasty.

    If you're honest but extremely rude and nasty, that's going to turn people away from you quicker than being fake. But you know, fake people still lose out. They may not even realize it, but they lose out. People like that tend to stick together. The ones who are real probably won't stick around the fakes for very long, if they're being wise.

    I don't have to be hurt in new ways from the fakes. I can move on, and leave them in the dust while I do more my own thing. And they will never know what it's like to be with a person like me. They say "ignorance is bliss." Perhaps it's not.

    It's sad that with so many people, there doesn't seem to be an understanding of the concept of a "happy medium."

  • I totally agree with you. I hate people like that. Basically, If you got something to say to someone, say it. If you feel that your honesty will hurt that person, then say it in a polite way. However, don't keep them hanging making them waste their time and think one thing when they know it is not totally true.


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