Guys, why do men these days seem to go for ugly fat women?

everywhere I go, I find decent looking men with really ugly hideous weird women. All my friends have told me the same thing. I have some friends who are gorgeous and still single, and guys actually just run away from them. All the women who normally would be sitting at home eating, upset that no one asks them out, are the ones being asked out and taken. No none of these women are amazing or have great personalities. One I know the guy said she was really crazy. She was really fat ugly and weird too. It's a myth when guys say fat women have good personalities- no they don't. Many of these women are average, boring, some are just weird.

Then, there are beautiful women, who are amazing, talented, gorgeous, great personalities, and guys treat them like crap. A guy told me yesterday I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and he said guys put me down b/c they feel inferior to me and need to make themselves feel better. One guy told me "you dont have confidence- you should act like you're the hottest woman in the room." i said i dont want to be arrogant, geez. He stopped talking to me shortly after. Men will DUMP nice beautiful women, and go for ugly fatties.

Do these men go for the fat ugly women for control and insecurity? that seems to be the case. Some guys told me it's cuz those fat ugly woman would never leave the guy, have no other options and b/c she worships him b/c he's cute and she's ugly. They also pay their own way and pay for the guy. guys take advantage of them
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crap well this was for women too. but.. oh well
Guys, why do men these days seem to go for ugly fat women?
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