What does it mean if he ignores me when certain people are around?

I wasn't sure how to start this so let me break it down: I think my best friend is in love with me. My gay best friend. A man... I've posted a lot about him & you all have been very helpful!

He is engaged (I don't think he's happy though) When he is around him, he does not respond to me very often. Like pretty much not at all. When he's working, or home alone he will. He told me his boyfriend is extremely jealous. Buuut why would he be jealous of a female? Especially when he has another old friend who is a female & basically his other best friend & they all hangout together.. He tells me he loves me when he hugs me which is at least twice every time I see him, he said he missed me & it had only been like a week maybe & a half since I had went to see him (at work) When we stopped working together he told me we could now hangout outside of work. But when I brought it up he said he's boring & joked it off. He's been super extra flirty in the past couple of months (not sure what triggered that but he tried very hard to get me promoted while he worked there too & had me stay for overtime literally every day, until he was off & then we'd walk out together & talk..) He tells me secrets that not even their families know about so I'm wondering if he's just testing me there? I've been getting so many mixed singles from this guy. Everyone I talk to about this in person says he cares for me as more than a friend & he's basically my "gay boyfriend" ha ha. Seriously I adore this guy, I just need some clarification. He really is my best friend & always will be. But can anyone explain his behavior?
What does it mean if he ignores me when certain people are around?
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