Does he like me? And what should I do?

I'm currently attending the same university as 3 of my best guy friends from high school. Last year, those 3 guys moved in with 5 other guys whom they'd met in residence during 1st year. From the first time I met him, I was automatically attracted to one of their housemates, but he had a girlfriend at the time, so he wasn't around very often.

In September though, his girlfriend broke up with him, and he's been hanging out with me and my guy friends a lot more often, even though they don't live together anymore. Whenever we're at parties together, we always end up hanging out and last time we held hands - just innocent stuff. Everyone seems to think that there's something going on between us, but I'm not sure where he stands...

I feel like I'm usually the one who initiates any contact (i.e. The hand holding) and I usually have to initiate/carry the conversation. Although my friends beg to differ, and say that it seems like a mutual thing. He is kind of shy and quiet in general, and I know that if he wanted to avoid me, he could. However, our exams finish next week, and he's going back home for the summer (from May until September), and he lives quite far away...

So I'm not sure whether maybe he's interested but doesn't want to get involved because of bad timing, whether he's just not ready for another relationship, whether he's too shy to make any moves, or whether he's just not into me. He offers to walk home with me, he offers me sips of his beer and is playful with me... We're getting to know little things about each others families and dreams about the future, hobbies, etc. But despite it being pretty obvious that I'm into him, I feel like I still do most of the work and am worried that I might be putting too much pressure on him. He recently got my number, but has yet to text me (although it's exam period, and we're both really busy), and isn't one of those people who uses Facebook regularly, so I can't gauge by that either... And when I do write to him on Facebook, for example, he always has witty and slightly flirtatious responses... He always replies... I just don't want to seem too needy.

Another factor in the whole situation is that one of my guy friends from back home (his ex-housemate) and I have a bit of a history, and he (high school guy) gets really uneasy with the prospect of me seeing anyone else, let alone one of his friends. But he (my friend from high school) has a girlfriend now, so I don't see why it's such a big deal. I'm also worried that this might be a deterrent for his cute friend to get involved with me.

I really want to hang out with this guy one-on-one and get to know him better, but I'm totally afraid of rejection.

So basically, my questions are: Is he into me? And if so, how the heck should I handle the situation? Should I sit him down and tell him how I feel, just hold off on pursuing him until the end of the summer, or should I drop it all together?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Does he like me? And what should I do?
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