What happened to me?

I'm not a very jealous guy at all. I never used to care when my girlfriend would flirt with other guys. I knew she was just using them for attention to make herself feel pretty. I actually found it enjoyable that she could tease other guys while I was the only one she was loyal to.

One time she was out flirting with some guys. She came back and told about it and was trying to make me jealous. I told her I never get jealous. She was surprised and was like "You don't care if I flirt with other guys?!" I said no.

After that, she started flirting with more guys more intensely. I might have been a little jealous at that point, but I didn't get mad at her. I knew that if she was really more interested in someone else, there was nothing I could do by just telling her I was upset at that.

So one day she's flirting with this guy. I wasn't there, but I heard about what was said later. She was flirting heavily and the guy asked if she should be doing that if she had a boyfriend. She said "Oh, he doesn't really care" to which he replied "If I had a girlfriend, I'd never let her go around flirting with other guys. I'd always want to know where she was." They hooked up later that day.

When I heard about it, I wasn't that mad. I was hurting pretty bad, but it we had only been official for a few weeks so I figured if she really wanted to be with someone else, there's nothing I can do. I tell her that, and we have a clean if awkward break up. I think she wanted a fight. I didn't give her one.

So about a week or so later, I see her again. She's now official with the guy she hooked up with. I try to talk to her and ask her how it's been and she's like "My boyfriend doesn't want me talking to you" and then leaves.

What happened to me here? I gave her freedom and acted mature and calm about the situation while this other really immature guy came and stole her from me. I'm still pretty convinced that she likes me better than him too. Was this all about her wanting to feel wanted? Was I supposed to be jealous? When? Why? How much? I'm so bewildered that I lost my girlfriend like this.
What happened to me?
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