Why is he purposefully ignoring me?

So i was in a relationship with a guy that strongly pursued what we had, we'd go out every day after school, and constantly messaged when we weren't together. I got a lot of stick for being with him, because of the bad reputation of loyalty to girls he has. he used to get with numerous girls in a night, and never talk to them again. i didn't want to judge a past i was never there for

he cheated for the first time, with 2 girls in a night about a month in and called me about 10 minutes later, saying he is so sorry and is just not ready for a relationship. i was so confused because he was the one that was so into what we had, he initially initiated it and went out of his way to convince me he wants something with me, he won't hurt me like my ex did, and won't lead me on etc

two days later he comes back saying he made a mistake, realises this now, and will do anything to get back, i told him i need to think about it. i was basically blinded by how much i fell for him, all i wanted to do was to be in his company.

i went away and after promising he wouldn't get with anyone on the Saturday where there was a party, he does, and i come back to my phone to find him messaging me saying he doesn't care if my friends say im gonna end things, he is first. i was so confused, only to find a picture of him kissing another. never felt so shit, honestly such a terrible feeling.

it got to school and he can't even look at me, his glances pass me like im no one to him, and I've heard he's trying to pursue something with the girl we got with. worst thing is that she's also the one he got with the first time. he isn't sorry, or at least he says he isn't to her. he also is strolling around with a hickey on his neck and after Monday he deleted and unfollowed me on all social media.

sorry this is so long, i just don't know what I've done wrong to be ignored and not receive an apology or an explanation. how can he feel bad the first time and not feel anything the next? thanks, anyway
Why is he purposefully ignoring me?
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