When a guy is stressed out, or in a bad mood, what can a woman do to make him feel better?

Guys, when you're stressed out with work, school, life. whatever, and you feel like you can't take it anymore, or you're in a really bad mood, what could your girlfriend do to help? What would you want her to do?

Would it help if she gave you space, and left you alone?

Or would you want her to take you out to dinner? order pizza and beer., or take you out for a drive.? sex maybe? talk?


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  • Your ears are old enough to hear it.

    Well, I can't speak for every guy, but for me, when I'm really stressed and in a bad mood.

    I think thing that would work for me would be to be calm.

    Show that you care, but don't force it because I may not have a way of talking about it just yet.

    Keep telling me that its alright. We gon be alright.

    Put on a slow song like "A Change is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke.

    Tell me to relax.

    lay me down.

    and give me a massage followed by some slow caring Oral.

    I should be fine after that.

    This is not meant to be. PIG-HEADED.

    This is what would work for me.

    Either that, or

    Just let me play the game for a while, and cuddle under me, and ask me what's wrong.

    That would work also.

    I just need to know that you are concerned, because in the end I want to talk to you about it.

    I Promise.

    Guys just don't like to be irritated.

    Be concern, but wait for them to want to talk about it.

    If they never talk about it, don't be upset.

    Be happy, because he found a way through it.

    And I'm sure just you doing what I just said would help them through.

    & the fact that you are even trying to help would work.


    A Loving Black Man


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  • Some alone time as soon as he gets home is good.

    Don't pressure with questions about day. if he wants to talk about it he will. asking too much will make him irritable.

    you could offer a back rub

    a hug.

    put his favorite song on

    make him something to eat.

    a shared bath or shower is really good to help relax and bond

    Wouldn't really recommend sex straight away. after he has relaxed sure. but he might reject the idea early on.

    space and understanding are the 2 main things guys like when they're are stressed. they may not talk about it as much as girls might.

  • honestly when I'm feeling stressed out the only way for me to really relax is to sit down in an air conditioned room (or heated if its winter) and put on a movie or maybe some standup comedy . . . I like it quiet when I'm trying to relax and if the girl wants to be involved there's really only 2 things she can do to help the process . . .make sure the glass of whatever it is I'm drinking (whether alcoholic or non alcoholic) stays full and just sit there and wrap her arms around me while we watch it together

    sex is not a stress reliever . . its something you do when you're already feeling in a good mood . . but it doesn't put you in a good mood if you're in a bad mood . . I don't know about other guys but I can't even get it up if I'm feeling pissed or extremely stressed out

  • Yeah I think Aussieknight nailed it.

  • A little space can be a good thing but let him know you're giving him space. My girlfriend would give me space without saying a word and it made me feel abandoned. I would have preferred talking to her about it or just going out and getting a beer together to take my mind off it. I always like the direct approach try "hey you seem really stressed lately is there anything I can do to help" in a concerned tone maybe with your arms around him.


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  • Just pray you will get the peace in you.Trust me it works always.