Why can't guys just say how they feel?

Generally speaking, most girls don't have any trouble telling the guy they like or their boyfriends how they feel about them so why is it so hard for guys to express their feelings and emotions to the girls they like? I mean if the guy really likes or loves her then why can't he just say it and tell her how much she means to him? It would make things so much more simple because I hate having to guess about how a guy feels about me.


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  • Think about it this way:

    There are norms that most people fall into. Girls are generally feminine, emotional, and frail. Men are generally masculine, tough, and strong. We have it hardwired into our brains by the time we reach the age of five by constant ,"No Tommy, don't play dolls with your sister. Go play Football with your older brother." and ,"Susan, go play house with Anne."

    If we so much as deviate from these behaviour patterns, our peers will single it out, and tease you about it. I was classified as a bookworm for most of my highschool career, until I decided to step out on the Rugby field. I dominated it through sheer willpower. Not because I was more athletic, but because I knew I could push myself harder than anyone else out there. I look back and laugh because I was considered a nerd that could kick your ass. Still makes me laugh. :P

    Anyways, back on track...

    We never had the opportunity to learn how to deal with our emotions. Girls were taught to express them, because that is how their mothers were taught. Our fathers taught us how to be strong, brave, etc.

    It is one of the reasons why being a homosexual is "wierd" because that is not what we were taught to be. We were taught men and women should be together, not men/men or women/women. But that is going onto a totally different topic. :P Hope this helps! :)


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  • It is similar with clams If you were a clam you would want to keep anything vulnerable in your shell, right? By not telling you things men are keeping there shell closed and the weaknesses safe, but a clam will open to breath and when it breaths all it can do is hope that a gull does not get eat it. So the reason men stay quiet about emotions is because even though it is better to let things like that out it keeps them safe.

    I hope this helps.

  • maybe becuase of the Saddam Hussain' Weapons of mass destruction that girls shoot us with when they don't like us back

    • Haha, that;s hilarious! :D Well, now we know where they were all this time! Those pesky women had them!

  • Its not masculine to express emotions, so most of us dont. Its fairly easy to tell how we feel about you though.


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