How many guys "experiment," and why do they still call themselves 100 percent straight afterwards?

My crush had sleepovers in middle school, would sneak out of the house to hang out in the woods with buddies, would chill with buds in his bedroom. There's no way for me to know if he acted on these opportunities to be sexual, but it's got me thinking about why some guys take these opportunities opposed to others. Some statistics say 3 percent of teen guys have had same sex experiences, and one said as high as 60. But later on these guys say they are 100 percent straight opposed to like 90 percent. People argue that if you are born a sexuality, who you have sex with means nothing, but wouldn't you have to have at least some interest in them to have sex in the first place, you don't "experiment" with anything unless you want to, and if sexuality is ingrained then you'll want to for the rest of your life, so that is not 100 percent straight. Or if it was "desperation," guys jack off all the time why would he conveniently wait until a sleepover to be the most desperate, and furthermore I have never heard of a guy so desperate for sex that he'd bang an animal or a child, because he knows he couldn't get off that way or controls himself, a guy does it differently than a girl so "using your imagination" doesn't make it any less of a homosexual act, so why would he choose a guy over all the other many forms of getting off? It's just an excuse. Or If sexuality is shaped by environment and experiences, how can a guy say heterosexual activity shaped his straightness but having sex with a guy did nothing? Guys also say that since they only got sexual pleasure opposed to emotional that they're completely straight. But whether they truly don't, or shut it off because of fear of being gay comes into question. And furthermore, bisexual people have said they can have emotional attraction to one and sexual attraction to another. My point is, why do people say it's meaningless for a guy to "experiment", and why won't guys classify themselves in honesty?
How many guys "experiment," and why do they still call themselves 100 percent straight afterwards?
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