Can I get your insight on his sudden mean/cold behavior?

Okay s a little backstory before I tell you guys what is going on. I have been seeing this guy for over a month. He has been single for 3 years, he was engaged to a girl who everyone hated, she would hit him, always get mad at him or his friends/family, hit him, lie/cheat etc.. When we started seeing each other, we promised to take things slow. So far he has 1) Introduced me to his brothers/friends/boss/co-workers 2) Always ask me to hang out 3) Praises me to everyone.. he always says that she is really beautiful/funny/smart or she knows about this and that a lot 4) I broke my speakers and told him so he immeadiatelytexted me back and said " wait a minute, I´m going to pick you up and we will go and buy you new ones" 5) I listen to a romanian radio and told him that they are playing a song that I really like but I dont know what it is.. he asked me what station, used the google translator, wrote up the time I said the song came on and he actually found me that song 6) He posted photos of us on facebook And last Friday.. we were watching a movie and he started to cuddle me. he just smiled and stared at me and I asked if everything is okay, he just said yeah and smiled and I acutally started to think to myselfthat has he started to fall in love with me.. well the next day the turned to a whole new person, he was mean and cold and said he needed time to think. I gave him time, and last Monday he asked if we would hang out with his brother & friend and we went to a bar and played pool etc.. when we got into his house, he started to became mean again, he wouldn´t even give me one kiss.. he just said I need time to think. I dont understand why he first asks me to hang out then he is cold and mean again.. I haven´t heard from him since and his friends/family dont understand this either.. And no, nobody including me thinks he has someone new because we pretty much hang out all the time everywhere. But honestly, I dont know what to do :(
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I acutally just got a message from him. I texted him on Tuesday and asked him if he could just tell me what the hell is going on, I am giving him the time to think. Well he replied " How the hell can I think about things if you keep asking him questions, I told you i am under a lot of stress because I have so many workhours and I told you I can't deal with us and I just need some time to think, give me time" And then he stopped texting.. :( So all I can do is wait and give him time.
Can I get your insight on his sudden mean/cold behavior?
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