Does she still like me? What is she thinking? (mixed signals)

I started off sending her notes (she sits behind me in one class), next day I tell her she's cute. She twirls her hair, good sign. But I ignore her during class that day (because I'm an ass... well I was incredibly nervous, and didn't want to screw up what I had already).

Then after school, I talk to her and ask her out. We had an "interrogation" type conversation, I went in, got her number, told a joke (which she didn't get), I had the most awkward conversation I've ever had in my 18 years of life, and I left. She didn't twirl her hair that time, and she sort of ignored me (probably because I ignored her in class) and so I texted her saying I only asked her out because a friend dared me to.

her reply: "Oh don't worry about it, are we still chilling or no?"

I get confused, because I thought she didn't like me anymore and that I was an ass. But, clearly she was still interested, boy oh boy, I hate being confused.

I reply: "Oh seriously? Yea we're chillin if that's okay with you"

Her reply: None.

So it's been a couple days, class has been awkward, I haven't talked or looked in her direction, and neither has she talked or looked in my direction.

I know I'm a effin' douche, but can I still salvage the situation? Does she like me? Does she hate me? What is she thinking? Is she just playing hard to get? Does she think I like her (I told her she was cute and asked her out, but then royally ruined that with my text message)?

2 nights ago I tried talking to her on Facebook, but got too nervous and we the convo froze. Please help me out girls.. and guys if you can.
Does she still like me? What is she thinking? (mixed signals)
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