Did I give him the wrong idea - I mean that I only want to be friends?

If you say you just want to be friends with a guy you really like , who likes you will he think you mean you don't want more?

There is all sorts of history but I will take a long time.

basically e have both liked each other for a long time & he said he wanted to tell me his feelings for me - that he had them, that he never lost feelings for me , the whole time, but he thought I was mad at him ( I wasn't) & he asked me if I could not be mad at him anymore start over & be friends.

I told him that was all I ever wanted - to be friends - meaning I was not mad, not that I did not like him MORE than that...

But I did not say anything when he told me that e had feelings for me - I was too surprised & was not sure why he was saying that.

Anyways he acted really weird after ,he immediately switched the subject, & he was very somber & distant the rest o the time.

He takes things personally, & if he feels rejected he will stop talking to you - for ever - he remembers how much he likes you & you somehow get him to trust you.

- It took me 2 years to get him to almost trust me.

-( I didn't cheat or anything... It is just that he had liked me fir a long time before I knew he was alive, & when we first dated, was inexperienced so he thought I was playing games & then he realized I was just being clueless, not a game player, not a tease just oblivious lol)
Did I give him the wrong idea - I mean that I only want to be friends?
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