Why's he like this towards me?

So I've had a crush on the same guy for a while now. We never really talked and never really were friends. He's just a schoolmate. Anyways, today some of us (not including him.) had to preform in front of everyone. i was sitting in the back while everyone else went to preform. I noticed every once in a while he would turn around and look towards me and my friends. My closest friend caught him turn and look directly at me and she gave me this look because she knows i really like him lol. well, it was my turn to go and I was performing a song on the piano/ singing it. I went up and i started to sing and play. I would look up every little while to look at the audience. I wanted to do that one thing, yanno when people sing and they look right at the person they wanted to sing it for. But EVERYTIME i would look at him he wasn't looking at me. I felt like he was trying to avoid looking at me. He would either be turned away talking to a friend or looking down at his hands.
What could this mean? I'm really confused and i just really like this guy but i doubt he likes me. could this possibly have meant something? or am i just overreacting over a little thing...
Thanks to anyone that shares their thought on this though. I really appreciate it !! <3
Why's he like this towards me?
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