My boyfriend is clingy and creepy, should I break up with him?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for several months. Ever since I told him I loved him I feel he's a bit creepy and clingy.

Last week we were texting and I told him I had a cold. Then suddenly he shows up to my house with chicken soup he made and a bag of cough drops and medicine. He left right away because he said he didn't want to disturb me. On some level it's sweet and kind but kinda creepy to show up unannounced. Maybe he wanted to surprise me? I'm not sure. Then yesterday day it was my birthday, and he told me to look outside the window of my back yard and when I did he was in my back yard and started playing guitar and singing to me. I also found it weird that he just went inside my back yard, and kinda corny. He told me the reason he sneaked into my back yard was because didn't want to do it from the front yard because he didn't want to cause a scene and embarrass me so he figured sneaking into my back yard was ok and that I would have been fine with it.

Some people told me maybe it's a cultural thing because he is Latino from mexico and the whole singing/senerating to the girl from the window thing is still common in their culture but I still found it creepy and corny. I thanked him and appreciated it but I still felt weird about it. Later yesterday he gave me this dress I always wanted. I found it weird that he just happened to know the dress I always wanted. He told me that he sent a message to my best friend on her Facebook and asked her for advice on what gift he should get me. I felt that was kinda creepy to just do that and stalkerish. Like I feel he's all over my stuff and creepy. I feel he's too affectionate and attentive and I want more space, I feel suffocated. Is it a cultural Latino thing? I'm a white American so maybe it's a culture clash and I shouldn't date his kind anymore. Should I break up with him.

Do you think he's creepy or clingy? Honestly sometimes I want to break up
My boyfriend is clingy and creepy, should I break up with him?
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