Can guys not understand how frustrating waiting for texts can be for girls?

I'm sorry for bombarding all of you with the same texting problems bs. Either I'm just short tempered or waiting for texts is like sitting on a nail bed.

For girls such as myself who try to reply in a time frame of immediately - 3 hrs max, I really am genuinely asking how do girls seem to manage to text back on time? Is it because girls and guys have some sort of a different mindset regarding being an effective communicator? It's just that I have always understood guys would want to talk to a girl when they are interested in her (and especially when she initiates the conversation).

Oh yah ps. So it's been a few hours again since he messaged. I understand we all have pasts and they can be sometimes hard to talk about and that we all have other things to do in our daily lives.
But have guys ever been in girls' shoes and considered how they would felt themselves when a potential lover consistently delay replies?

Oh the woes of dating indeed. 😑💩🐸
Please no hate comments or whatever, this is just a question after all.
Take a chill pill man. This is overreacting. 🌈
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Bruh, I understand you. It's sometimes frustrating for me too. 😔
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Haha I'm just a passenger-by, about to watch some drama unfold. Lol 🙈
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I'm in tears... everyone's so niceeee on this thread lol Again, thank you for everyone who's chirping in their helpful bit of perspective. 😆👌🏼
Can guys not understand how frustrating waiting for texts can be for girls?
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