Why did my guy friend go out of his way to hide his new girlfriend from me?

Yeahh so basically...

Me and my guy friend was really close for a few months, we talked constantly every day and really clicked. We did admit to liking eachother a little bit and he used to complament me a lot calling me beautiful etc

Well then all of a sudden I find out, out of the blue that he's suddenly in this relationship with this girl.
Bear in mind two week prior to this my mum innocently asked him 'ohh is that your girlfriend' for him to reply 'oh no no no!' And only a few days before I found out i asked him if he wanted me to back off or anything to which he said that 'him and her are really close' and said nothing more. Also when I bring her up in conversation he just completely glazes over the fact I asked about her, almost like she doesn't exist.

Also when they got togethet I told him that I will back off if he wants just out of respect to his girlfriend and his relationship and his reply was 'no you don't need to do that, I've made it clear to her that I'm not losing anyone expecially you, nothing is going to come between or affect our friendship'

However he's already a lot more distant than before they got together but Im not going to say anything to him because that's selfish of me and I'm not gonna be petty and cause a stupid argument so I'm just leaving him be

Ohh and after only being together a week they are already moving in together

Please don't get me wrong im really happy for him and I don't want to split them up at all because that's just selfish and immature, I just don't understand what was the point of hiding it so much from me? I understand he is a private person and i respect his space I just don't see the point of hiding it from me when everyone else knew.

Ohh and he has only been out of a relationship 3 months in which he was with his previous girlfriend for 10 years which I think is important to know 😊

Can anyone shed any light on this because I'm absolutely stumped and don't understand at all, just don't be too mean please 😂
Why did my guy friend go out of his way to hide his new girlfriend from me?
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