My boyfriend created a facebook again and selected "women" in the "interested in" box. What does this mean?

I just think it's weird when we don't have friends. Like he's only on there for family - so he says - blocked his friendslist from me - has me as his in a relationship with but I don't think other people can see it - has me as his profile picture but I mean, when my ex had pictures of him with girls on facebook he always claimed they were family. My current boyfriend admitted to having me block girls in the beginning of our relationship because he was still talking to them and needed something to fall back on just in case. He took his facebook down early last year. Created a new one last night. But it's just sketchy to me to have the "interested in women" on there. Like hello!! Why does your family need to know your orientation? It's weird too because he always out of the blue tells me I should block "so and so" because they're friends with his ex or something. Like my suspicions were right in the beginning of our relationship. We're supposed to be moving in with each other but now I'm skeeved out because I am not going through this crap again. (My trust issues stem from my ex pulling this crap and my current boyfriend pulling this crap the first few months of our relationship). Neither of us have friends. Honestly, I would rather not have known about his facebook than be told why (and randomly) his friends were private and asked why mine were. He said his reason for having his friends private is so no one thinks he thought of them first creepily adding on facebook. (Roll of the eyes). I just don't get why he had to put interested in Women on there. I didn't put interested in men because it's pretty obvious I'm dating him with pictures everywhere. No one needs to know because I'm not interested in anyone else.
My boyfriend created a facebook again and selected "women" in the "interested in" box. What does this mean?
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