Why do guys fall in love with me, and why do they think that I love them too?

There are a lot of times that I find out that guys are in love with me, whether they're my age or older than me, and they always think that I love them too.
It's not that I'm flirting with them, I don't even talk with them before and after. I think that the only feeling that I give to all of the people (not only them) is that I'm here, you're there, there's nothing that should fill that gap between us.
And it's always the guys that everyone loves, the guys that are so different from me.
I don't get what they find in me, I'm not tall, and I'm very thin, a lot of people always say that it's not good, still I'm more 'fat' in the right places, but a lot of girls I know have similar body. I have a small face like a puppy but I'm not pretty, there are a lot of girls that prettier than me so I really don't get it. I love to smile a lot but when I'm not, I have a poker face on me. I'm smart, but I don't study for tests or things like that expect Math. I'm strong but not the strongest girl in my class. I'm a very quiet person, I don't talk to people or suddenly open my heart towards them, still, I fight for the things that important to me. I'm only friendly to my friends, still, I'm nice to people just because I respect them. All of those things are common in most of the girls I know, I'm not that special, the only things that are different is that I'm not showing my feelings that much (beside smiling) and I'm not social either.
I don't want to hurt them anymore or make them think wrong things, if you find something about me that you think that is the reason so just write it and I'll change it about myself.
Why do guys fall in love with me, and why do they think that I love them too?
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