He said he liked another girls bum, am I over reacting?

So my guy friend & I have always had a special kind of friendship (you know the kind that is pretty much more than friendship but both people are too scared to make the first move) we have talked about ex's to eachother and very rarely about current potential relationships, but that all stopped when we became closer.

A few weeks ago, we finally had the long over due conversation of how we feel for each other, thankfully we both feel the same & are on the same page which is great and made me so very happy to finally hear him say that and to pour his emotions out.

We had a 2hr long heart to heart about how we felt. I was relieved & happy. We decided to take things slow, because we are both a bit scared to ruin what we have now cos it works so well & also there are a few complications involving other parties and age difference.

The other day we met up and he said he was a bum man... which is fine... until he said he gets distracted by this super skinny athletic girl who he works with because her ass is so great... so obviously I didn't take this well... this girl... is the opposite to me, I am curvy, my ass is not at all tiny or tight like hers!

He quickly realised he had dug himself into a hole I imagine from my reaction & then tried to back track and say he isn't saying he finds her attractive just that when she flaunts it, it's a distraction, he also said he doesn't like that specific kind of bum he likes all sorts of bums, he also tried to tell me that he likes me for me & it's not all about looks he doesn't know that girl but he knows me and fell for me for me, he said people can have great bodies but it doesn't mean they are nice people.

Anyway this didn't end well, he said he couldn't see what he has said wrong, he thought I had taken it the wrong way, he didn't mean it like that... etc. We don't use phones to communicate very often, we like to spend time talking face to face, we don't text really at all & haven't spoken since. What do you think?
He said he liked another girls bum, am I over reacting?
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