friends with benefits broke up with me but now he's the one avoiding me?

A while ago my friends with benefits told me we had to stop sleeping together because he couldn't do feelings/ commitment and didn't want to hurt me etc. Then he got a girlfriend basically straight away so I cut him off because although I can (sort of) deal with rejection I can't deal with liars especially ones that are supposed to be my friend.

For about two months following every now and then he'd send me just like memes and small messages and when I saw him out he'd try make small talk I mostly ignored this because I thought it was a shitty way to try and make amends. Then two weeks ago I'd finally had enough and I replied telling him that he'd hurt me and if he valued me as a person and wanted to keep me in his life he needed to properly come see me and explain why he did what he did.

Since then I've heard nothing from him. And in the few occasions I've seen him he's actively avoided me. The other day I went and visited a mutual friend and my friends with benefits happened to be there. He lasted less than 10 minutes before bolting out the door.

I don't really get why he's being so weird about it but then again I don't really get why he didn't just tell me the truth about the other girl in the first place. When I told him I was cutting him off he was all 'but I want you in my life' and now that I've given him a chance to possibly make amends he's run in the opposite direction.
So I guess my main question is just why is he like this?
friends with benefits broke up with me but now he's the one avoiding me?
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