Should I treat my boyfriend the way he treats me?

me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and 3 and a half months. It was all cute a first, now i just dont know if i feel the same about him anymore, i love him dearly. I like going and seeing him, but when i go and see him i want to go home, we live half an hour to an hour away from each other. I catch the bus into see him and sometimes when i get off the bus, he isn't there. Then i go and sit down message him asking where he is and he makes up excuses or says "stop F'ing nagging". Then after that i say "well im going home" and he gets annoyed, swearing and yelling at me. He does this in public around kids, elderly anyone, when i told him to stop that it was disrespectful he says "shut up".

Sometimes when im talking to him or telling him stuff thats hurting me he says "i dont Fing care", rolles his eyes or goes "shhh" in my face or tells me to shut up. He is really sarcastic and when i ask him things he says something smart and then either says "derr" or "you ask a stupid question your going to get a stupid answer".

he also is the type that can't get his own way, if i say "i dont feel like it baby" or if im sick and he wants me to visit and i won't he says "why are you carrying on with shit?" Or if he starts drama he blames me for starting it, he thinks his right about everything (and i mean everything) and he makes me feel really stupid. It makes me upset, i wonna go and see him, but i hate his sarcasm and his rudeness, should i give it back to him? My mum reckons i should.

i dont tell him anything if im upset or someone is bullying me, he doesn't stick up for me or has my back, he literally shoos me away and i go off telling others what is wrong, then he gets cranky, he smokes weed and tells me to go away if i have any problems, even if someone calls me pretty or beautiful, he gets angry. He doesn't compliment me anymore and i kind of like it when people do it. What should i do?
Should I treat my boyfriend the way he treats me?
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