Do girls avoid dating good looking guys?

Iam not talking about someone who's kind acute or above average iam talking really good looking the kind that make turn your head to look at them...

I used to think that being attractive means you can get anyone you want (assuming you have a decent personality) but its not working for me, i get stared at by girls (some are very hot) all the time, they tend to make eye contact and look at me in a seductive way and check me out (some girls i run into often ), female classmates say iam very good looking (one called me gorgeous), girls i know through mutual friends like me right away, older women told my mom iam really attractive, sisters friends told her iam very beautiful, even my parents notice that wherever i go girls tend to stare at me and smile even sometimes.

realistically speaking i should be dating someone but iam not, girls show interest but back off when i approach them, not to mention i was approached maybe 1-2 times in my entire life, i have a good personality, nice, respectful, stylish and have good tastes, fun but usually cool and laid back.

I just think about it sometimes and wonder why girls run away from me even without knowing what my personality is like, sometimes i tell myself" maybe iam not really attractive" but the way girls act and talk to me shows that to them iam highly attractive... i just can't figure this out and i just lost hope, i dont think iam gonna find a girlfriend ever, happened once before but not happening again from how girls treat me.
Do girls avoid dating good looking guys?
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