[I NEED AN ADVICE!] Do you also act rude/mean towards a guy who said they liked you?

I'm always like this. I act rude/mean towards a guy who confesses to me. Well, not everyone. But this already happened twice.

The very recent one is a guy that I used to like, my former suitor. I really did like him but I always deny having feelings for him and tried to figure out what I really feel for him. And when I just realized that I really am 'in like' with him, he ignores me without an explanation and started flirting with another girl. He promised he would wait until I'm ready to give him a yes/no answer, but claimed that he's too tired of waiting (after 7 months).

That's when I started to treat him in a very rude manner. He likes teasing or "bullying me". Hiding my stuffs even when I cry, he won't give it back. Always insulting me and crossing the line. Even back then, he's too clingy and has no sense of private space. Nowadays, I often feel disrespected. He sits near me and ask his friend, "Should I hug her?" or "Permission to touch your-- (he said this in a lewd way, sent me to tears because of feeling violated)" or "I'm contented being near the girl I love."

It has become to disturbing for me to even be around him. He always drop off subtle lewd comments, purposely saying it out loud for me to hear and looking my way. And when I confront him, he tells me it's not about me, and that I'm too sensitive and paranoid.

Now whenever he approaches me, I become easily irritated and end up raising my voice saying, "Can't you leave me alone?" or "I don't really want to talk to you right now."

I feel really guilty about it. Although he doesn't seem to mind it, I keep being worried that I hurted him somehow. I don't know if I'm to blame at this situation or is it him.

I really don't want to treat him that badly even though he treats me way worse than his enemies.

I'm seriously uncomfortable and afraid of him.

What do I do?
[I NEED AN ADVICE!] Do you also act rude/mean towards a guy who said they liked you?
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