Why do guys always ask for nude pictures and just normal pictures but with more skin showing?

Every guy I meet always ask for a type of picture and I always say no. My boyfriend brooked up with me because I didn't give him a nude picture and this guy I liked stop talking to me because I won't send him a picture with more skin. Are all guys like this?



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  • Not all guys are like this just the immature ones ms. Nevertheless, if a guy stops talking to you just because you did'tn want to give him a picture with more skin then you know what forget him you don't need guys like that so your better off. If oneday you want to show such a picture to a guy, then its going to be because of you and only you only, don't give in to the pressure with those kinds of guys. You seem quite mature for your age, and that's a good thing take care ms.


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  • They want something to wank over.Good thing you're smart enough to not send any being as they are always sent to the guys friends and put on the internet.

  • Not all guys are. I most certainly ain't. But that's becuase guys tend to get very horny and want girls to disprespect themselves and send them pix


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