Too lazy for dating he said?

I asked him out and his answer was:
"I'm too lazy, u don't wanna date me. Women are too much work. definitely not a sport for me".

What the actual fuck. What do you asnwer to that?

i mean i'm not high maintenance. how much of a burdain can having a girfriend be for men... ?


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  • In all fairness life as a bachelor is pretty sweet these days, if you've got half a brain you can earn a decent wage without too much effort and that'll support a really good life that is super easy.

    Entertainment is cheap as hell, games, movies, TV, the internet. Booze and drugs are cheap, you can have your own man cave and put your feet up, relax in your own space, follow your hobbies and interest and not need to hear nagging or complaining or endless lists of expectations, or neurotic behaviour when it comes to replying to texts, or clinginess or neediness, the list just goes on and on.

    There has to be a really, REALLY good reason to jeopardize that kind of easy life to get wrapped up in the whirlwind of crazy.

    You personally might be nothing like that, but how does he know that? Why should he risk his cozy life? As far as he's concerned you are at least the possibility of all those things. It's part of a growing trend where men are just kinda sick of it all, it's too much risk and effort and not enough reward.

    Milo did one of the best write ups about this I've ever seen -


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  • Well if he is too lazy to have a great girl in his life then let him be lazy. It's better that he's honest rather than you getting frustrated down the line when the relationship sucks. Yes it is seriously wtf but you're better off moving on.


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  • It can be a pain in the ass. I mean,
    - taking her out to places you don't wanna go
    - spending money on her
    - spending hours around her when you wanna be doing something else
    - listening to her gossip, drama, complain
    - consoling her when she has a freak out
    - meeting her friends/family
    - talking on the phone every day, texting all the time about stupid shit
    - trying to figure out if she's actually interested in you and not using you
    - dealing with her moods

  • Hahahaha, on what I said the same thing to a few girls awhile back.

    Look, some folks just don't give a care about dating, myself included. It involves going out, spending money.. not everyone can be bothered

    • is it an excuse you use for being bad with women or scared of them or insecure with your poverty though... ?

    • Nope. I just can't be bothered. It's a temporary arrangement with little to no payoff and a massive amount of cost in time energy and resources.

    • Honestly dating is just a bad investment unless she's an absolute gem of a person.

  • Women take time, money, effort. Maybe it'll cut into his video game time? Maybe he is MGTOW and didn't know how to tell you

  • Do not lower yourself, men who say that kind of answer are afraid, unsecured, even shy, it will be a little longer for them to be in relationship, that's all :)

    • lol what kind of shirt is that? are you a cartoonish retro character of some sort?

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    • cool. so you are an actor?

    • No, let's say i like to disguise myself as a pirate, or a vampire, or a gothic figure, it depends :)

  • Show him ur moves and curves.. Make his dick inside his pant to fluctuate. He will definitely say yes for date.

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  • Lmfao give that dude an award. He gets it.
    He's saying that he doesn't wanna go with you. It means he probably doesn't think you're worth the effort. You should prob move along, find someone else.

  • Maybe not committed at all.

    Maybe he said that so you won't expect to much from him. That way he lowered your expectations and you'll be happy with almost everything he does for you, because 'he's lazy, but he just did that and I appreciate it'

  • Just move on. You don't want to date someone who says that. It shows a negative attitude towards women.

    • negative attitude towards women? so its like misogyny or bitterness in disguise? maybe compensating for being impotent?

  • He's basically saying that you're not worth the effort.

    • what if he's like this with everyone?

    • What if he's not?

    • he gave that vibe. maybe a hidden mgtow?

  • He's to lazy, and not interested. You should move on

    • so would another girl make him forget his laziness?

    • That's what. If he's ain't interested let him go. Anyway he can't make anything good for you if you ask him to. Because he just meant least interested

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