How many men think all women are mean and for that reason they stopped trying to fall in love?

I dont know if thats how you think but thats how I've seen many of you express yourselves. I seen many guys get hurt by women soo many times and they make themselves believe all women are just bitches.. and its crazy because there are so many good women out there and some guys can't see that.. i can honestly say im very monogamous and have good intentions I've only had two relationships the first one being 6 months and the second 5 years.. dont let the world make you bitter..


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  • I believe that and I no longer try for a relationship because I don't feel like there is really anyone left worth getting into a relationship with. I haven't dated in 6 years. The last girl I did we were dating for alost 4 years. I caught her in bed with another guy who I knew. Since that I don't think I really can love or trust a woman anymore. I had a few women get my interest since then but only to find out they are either hoes who is playing ever guy or they just reject me. So I honestly don't see the point anymore. Why try to find a girl when she is just most likely to be a mean person who will end up hurting me. I don't need that. And that is the sadess part is that these horrible women greatly out number any actual nice women left. And I honestly don't think it is worth seaching through these bad women just in hopes of finding a nice one which my not happen or you think she is only to find out later you were wrong about her and she sucks too. Fuck that I'll just be responsible for my own happiness and leave them to be crazy.

    • Good for you that you're taking charge of your happiness.. thanks for sharing that.. it is sad how the majority can be cruel unfortunately

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  • I think this way about guys
    Yes there are some nice guys but most of the times it's just about sex and games

    • Yeah i know.. but apart from the guys that just want sex i know there's some guys that once they fell for someone they got hurt and they stopped trying at all.. im just curious as to how many can really own up to it

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    • Lol thats so true !!!

    • I agree that jerks are only about sex and games, thank god i'm not one of them.

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  • You see the problem is that there are so many heartless girls out there that men start to lose hope. And they know in the back of their minds that there's girls with beautiful hearts out there but only problem is 99% of them is already taken by boys who don't deserve a kind and beautiful soul person like that. And then usually the boys turn the good girls into bitches which then turn good men into bad boys and it's basically a domino effect. A paradox on its best

    • Thats completely true.. i seen so many of my good girl friends become almost unknown to my eyes its really sad and same for guys

    • Makes 2 of us unfortunately and only at that moment do you realise how short forever is. They tell you that you are best friends forever or they wil love you forever and that their love for you is infinite and next moment you are strangers again with memories.

  • Im old you see and have had many problems with women taking advantage of my feelings im the past bc i like them, but I think women are mean when they ask me to buy them stuff with an intent on leading me on bc im to kind to say "No" most of the time cause helping someone makes me happy be relationship wise or not its who i am. And no i dont think all women are mean just there are a few out there i attract... maybe i have a sign on my back that says "sucker right here" lol

    • Yeah girls can be evil i did that once cause i wanted alcohol lmao be careful!!

  • I wouldn't say women are mean, but for the most part they're deceiving.

    I fell for the "in love myth" for 11 years and it has crashed down in on going pain and disaster.
    I don't trust anything more than a casual relationship anymore because of it.

    Now if I even get the idea that a woman is entertaining emotional more than friends thoughts I close the door, and usually ghost her.

  • It's depressing. It seems like to be in a relationship it's expected for a man to emasculate themselves and just deal with her constant diatribe. I know I've given up hope finding a companion.

  • I give up trying because I don't want to deal with people's BS, lies, and selfishness. The majority of people are crappy people.

    • True no ones ever on the same page 😫

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    • I haven't been looking. I've given up years ago. Bad past experience, and more bad experiences just from knowing other people has given me a pretty negative view of many people even just for friends.
      I'm White, and I would date a Latina, White, or Latina/White mix.

    • They need to be trustworthy too. That is one of the most important things to me, and I have found that people usually aren't trustworthy. I won't put up with BS accusations or lying.
      Oh, and I don't drink alcohol. Some people don't like that about me. I like to always be in control of my thoughts and actions. No BS excuses claiming to be drunk or any of that.

      Then she would need similar life goals, like at least a few things to do together, be okay with having a family game night each week once having kids, and be fine with me having the majority of one day to myself each week.

      Seems too difficult to me.

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  • Most of these men are probably attracted to the mean ones, so they mostly have themselves to blame.


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