Which body y'all guys prefer on a woman?

What is more betterWhich body y'all guys prefer on a woman?


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  • Are you preferring bodyfat, especifically? Going off the picture alone, the 15-17% is very sexy to me, but that doesn't actually explain much when the specific models involved have different skeletal and muscle structure that makes it seem different. You could also use a similiar example when you look at a very skinny 10% boyfriend male vs. 10% but very built. It's just not the same.

    The girls I tend to go for are very skinny, but they're rather lacking in muscle tone. Ideally, about just barely an ab outline is good for me (and very sexy while keeping the "femenine" softness look). I think many other guys will like the 25-30% range, as breasts and hips develop better and stays true to said "femeninity". The model's body in the 25% isn't very attractive, though.


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  • Anywhere on the middle line looks good though I really like 35%


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