How do I make him mine?

There's a guy I met through a friend and we've been talking for about 2 months. We hooked up and he told my friend he likes me. He calls me just about every night before he goes to bed. And usually text me everyday but the thing is he told one friend that he likes me but doesn't want a girlfriend right now. What's the deal? I really like this kid but how do I get him to ask me out? How do I stand out from other girls?


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  • You already seem to be standing out from other girls since he is calling you every night, and texting you too. Also, he told a friend he likes you, normally that is a big red flashing light that he is into you.

    I think that you are missing the most important part of your question though.

    "...but the thing is he told one friend that he likes me, but doesn't want a girlfriend right now..."

    Just because a guy is into someone, doesn't mean that he is ready for a girlfriend. Whether he is focused on school, family, himself, or whatever, he for some reason does not want to have a girlfriend now. That is perfectly respectable.

    Respect that, don't try to push him into anything (or yourself into any positon), and enjoy what you have so far. If you give him the space that he seems to want, more than likely he will eventually come around.


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  • To stand out be like no other girl. BE YOURSELVE!!!! Or do something like find out what he like then say in a conversation yea I really like whatever it is that he likes.