How to tell if the guy is making empty promises or not?

is there a way to understand it ?

My last boyfriend asked me to trust me on something, when I was hesitant he told if he had a daughter he would want her to trust his boyfriend if he was like him. By the way he broke his promises. He told he wasn’t that kind of a guy who makes empty promises. He told me “not all guys all like those jerks you know, some are just nice guys!”

i sound like a fool don't i?

no ans at all!


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  • No, you don't. There are many honorable people in this world, and there are many blood suckers and tricksters. You have to make an educated guess. Look at the guy's behavior and his reputation. It speaks a lot on whether or not he's trust worthy. We all have to take that chance.

    • So it's smart to not fall in love right?

    • Logically speaking, no. However, it depends on what you want out of life. Love has great rewards, and it does have its risks. Sometimes it makes us do stupid things. When you find the right person who loves you back, you will have someone who will support you when you are low in life. The lonliest time for period is at night, but if you have someone to love, they're there to comfort you.

    • Thanx for ansing

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