Why does he tell me about his last crush?

My friends say he does like me since we talk so much all the time on social media but I'm not sure. And whenever my friends make jokes about us being a couple he has no reaction and pretends he didn't hear. He also tries to switch up the conversation whenever this happens as well. But he seems to have a lot of friends of the opposite sex that he talks to. And one time i got really jealous when he was talking to another girl and he noticed and said why are you so aggressive when i talk to my friend, you think ill ditch you? we can still be friends (sure sign he doesn't think of me that way right?). He also says he's really glad that got to know me and he realizes that im a real friend. He tells me that he doesn't really hang with girls but then he feels comfortable around me. However I feel he gives me a lot of attention since he's always remembering little details about me and my problems I'm really not sure. He'll check up on me sometimes. He also talks to his mom about me and his mom knows me. What are all these mixed signals? Although i feel that if someone likes you, they wouldn't mention anything about whom they were crushing on in their past. what do guys think?
Why does he tell me about his last crush?
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