Ex's wants me back but in a relationship.. still love him should I go back?

I dated my ex for a year and fell in love with him. When we broke up I really didn't know how to handle it. The worst part about it was i still had to see him almost every day at work ( never dating a co-worker again) a month after we broke up we hooked up and it became a thing between us a sex thing. And tbh that's what broke me the most Because I still very much loved him. He cared but he never felt the way I did, it was unhealthy for me and depressing so I found another job and stopped myself from talking to him. It's been 4 months and I'm dating someone else and happy again.. well at least I thought. My ex texted me a week ago saying he missed me and that it took me cutting him off to realize that. He told me he loves me ( which I know is not something he says just for fun or to use people) i still very much love him but I'm scared to take a step back in my life and be unhappy again if things don't go right.
My ex the reason why I love him is because he's kind and will give you his last dollar ( he's givin me his whole paycheck because I need money for a ticket and we were just friends at the time) and when I'm with him I smile the hardest laugh the loudest he just made me feel special and makes me feel like me. The guy I'm dating now i like him but during the relationship I compare and it's not fair to him. I don't know what to do , I'm scared to just go back to him
Ex's wants me back but in a relationship.. still love him should I go back?
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