Why is he flirting weird?

I have a very good friend and a few months ago we started flirting. We have even dirty talked to each other and will frequently send each other sexual humor memes and sexually seductive memes. Well it has been a while since we have actually dirty talked each to each other and he will start hinting at dirty talk but then if I reciprocate, he seems to stop. And if I start to hint at dirty talk, he doesn't seem to want any. But, he still flirts with me and will text me or call me to ask how my day was... is it normal for a guy to do this?


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  • He's probably just scared. He got shut down by you so he probably doesn't know if he does it again he'll offend you or not.

    • I never said he got shut down by me...

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    • I don't mind hearing that.. honestly I can handle it. But then why does he still flirt with me and start to dirty talk, but then stop?

    • Cuz he probably gets horny, then he realizes wait I dont like this girl like that. But he'll do it again because he like to get horny. Orrrrr he just sucks at playing hard to get. In any case just be direct and ask him. No sense in beating around the bush.

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  • He's probably just a sexual/flirty person but doesn't actually want it to go anywhere with you. He might be thinking you're taking it too seriously when you eagerly respond in kind.

    • This actually makes sense... I'm still confused as to why he texts me stuff like "goodnight babe" and "good morning beautiful" ?

    • Well the other possibility is that he wouldn't mind it going further but he's terrified and doesn't know how to transition into something more.

  • He cares enough to call (and not just text). Next time he flirts, ask him if he is serious and gauge his reaction.

    • I have asked and he refuses to give me an answer

    • Next time in person, ask him on a date. If he gets serious or tense, you have your answer and just play it off as a joke.

  • He likes u.. he sees his future with u.

  • i didn't know you could "flirt weird"?

    • Haha I didn't really know how to word the question. But yes, you can most definitely "flirt weird"

    • how so?

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