Why will guys act weird around a girl?

Lately almost all the guys I go to school act weird around me, they look at me a lot, talk to me, laugh at all my jokes, like random things on my facebook and lately we had an adventure kinda school trip and there was water skiing involved and when I would have to swim for a ski one of them jumped in and got it for me, I got hurt in the water and a different guy jumped in and pulled me out, I was watching the guys skii and before he went I cheered "goo *****!" and he smiled and then when he went he fell for the first time, this other guy was wake boarding and as he want passed I was like "whooo go *****" so he looked and smiled and almost fell. And I wasn't scaring them before I said anything other girls were cheering and nothing happened, they randomly tell me jokes, have serious convos with me about anything randomly talk to me on MSN etc... I don't know why I find this so weird it's just like sudden so why would this happen?

***** = names


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  • You've suddenly gotton sexier, LOL. It happens, man.


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