What is YOUR view on a WEIRD guy?


I'm hopeful that this is the correct section to post this. This will be full of cringe probably so beware haha XD... I'm 20 and very socially awkward guy and I have a very hard time in a face to face conversation but when It's behind texting I'm basically the king of keeping the other side entertained.

My medication is high dose of sarcasm, inappropriate thoughts ( at appropriate times XD ), very dark/sick humor and being different than everyone else that I am with. I'm in 2 groups of 12 and 79 people on a social media app in which I, according to everyone else is the " weirdest " in the room but I really can't understand If in a positive or negative way lol.

When it comes to serious conversations, I am serious and If I smell sarcasm I respond with sarcasm or If a funny convo is going on I'll jump in and add some sugar to it and sometimes I may roast one's post with dark humor. Also to say that deep within I am a very caring and submissive type of guy besides being a total d*ck sometimes lol.

I know that we have to be ourselves and not care bout what others think of us but still lol

Well enough of cringe, what are you girl's/boy's opinion/view towards these kind of guys?

Thank you,
What is YOUR view on a WEIRD guy?
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