Guys, would you date a woman who doesn't believe in marriage?

I don't want to get married. It's simple, I just don't believe in it. Marriage is an old tradition that was made for financial and religious reasons. Because there was no dating back in the days and sex before marriage was forbidden. Marriage was a sign that a couple is in a relationship, and a ring was a proof of it. I get it why it was necessary back then, but times have change and marriage is not necessary any more, it's basically just an old tradition carried on. And I find it stupid and even insulting that I NEED to be married to prove that I love someone. Maybe I just take relationships too seriously, but that's now I am. If my partner and I agreed on being a committed relationship, that's all I need. No ring or piece of paper will prove or change that. And it's not a guarantee that it will stay like that forever either. Marriage doesn't bound us to some rules, cheating is cheating, being married or in a relationship, it's equally bad and it means break up. I know of some people that fool around while being in a relationship and they think that's okay because they're not married. And then claim that they will stop fooling once they get married with the right person. I find it pointless to even date someone if I'm up for fooling around, ya know. Love is like a friendship, I have a best friend for 20 years now and yet we don't have to sign a paper or wear a ring to prove our friendship. And also, kids can be raised outside of marriage, there's no law against it (thank god, lol). I don't want a guy making me pregnant and then asking me to marry him just because I got pregnant, it's stupid. Anyways, I don't want to get married, but if my partner really wants it then I guess I would do it but I don't hold any meaning to it.

Guys, would you date a woman who doesn't believe in marriage?
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